Moving and Storage Tips and Hints

See how moving can be made easier with the right boxes and some easy tips. Learn how to make every move less stressful, how to pack,  how prepare for a move and how to stay organized through the whole process.




Here are some Common Moving Mistakes.

We make these mistakes every time we move. Here are some ways to correct them.

Unstable boxes from the supermarket-The bottom will literally drop out on boxes meant to hold vegetables and dry cereal. These boxes were not meant to hold your stuff!

Bankers Box Moving Boxes are durable for everything you pack. No failed bottoms or bulging sides. We made a box exactly for moving.


Sealing your boxes too soon-Moving day is chaotic and you will quickly find yourself taping up boxes too soon, only having to tear them open because you forgot to pack an item.

We made our moving boxes Tape-Free. No need to buy packing tape and no need to worry about opening up a box again. FastFold Technology ensures our boxes are securely closed when closed, but easy to open.

Improper lifting equals back problems-We may remind ourselves to lift with our legs, but in the commotion of moving we will forget the rule with painful consequences.

Couple moving house

Every Bankers Box moving box includes easy to use handles for pain-free lifting.

No labeling-where does this box go?-Forgetting to label your boxes means not knowing where to unpack once you reach your destination.  Nobody wants unpacking to turn into a guessing game.

We placed convenient labeling panels on the sides of our moving boxes to help you stay organized when you pack and when you unpack.


Bankers Box set out to create the ultimate moving box. You don’t normally think a moving box can help eliminate the stresses of moving day, but it can. The innovative design conquered many moving day woes. Learn More: Ultimate Moving Box

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