Sorting Solutions for Home Organizing

When you start an organizing project, do you get stuck trying to figure out where everything needs to go? Sometimes the outgoing items, if not clearly defined, get mixed in with items you want to keep. Everything ends up in scattered piles and the whole organizing project turns into chaos!

When starting a project, think about where the items will be going.

  1. You should try and purge, so have a toss pile and keep a box labeled “Trash” nearby.  It’s easier to quickly toss items into a box, rather than opening a trash bag every time — anything to make the job go faster!
  2. Label a box “Donate” for items you can’t use, but someone else will. It will be easier to move all these items at once when they’re in a box.
    1. Extra Tip: Consider sending things to a relative or friend. When you know it’s going to someone special, and they will use it, it makes it easier to part with your belongings.
  3. Label additional boxes for items that will be moved in other areas (i.e., Master Closet, Coat Closet, Garage, etc.). Sometimes items in our homes flow from room-to-room and end up where they shouldn’t be.
  4. You may also have a box of items going into storage. Simply fill the boxes, label and stack. There’s a large space on the side so you can make a big, clear label. There’s even room to itemize the contents, as well.
    1. Extra Tip: If the Bankers Box box is going to sit out on a shelf in your home, you can even cover it with fabric or wrapping paper, so it looks great and matches the room!

Bankers Box boxes are a great sorting solution for organizing. They are easy to keep on hand because they fold up flat, so you can easily store extra boxes when not in use. The boxes are durable and will stand up to multiple uses. Keep boxes on hand when clearing out a closet or weeding through the basement or attic, they’ll help take the chaos out of the organizing process!

Written by: Monica Friel, President and founder of  Chaos to Order

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