4 Ways to Get Papers In Order Before The Year Ends.


The year is drawing to an end and it’s a good time to make sure files and paperwork are in order. Closing out the year in an organized way will help you not only start next year right, it can also make tax time easier. Here are several tips to get your year-end paperwork in order:

Know What to Keep: Do you ever get confused when going through paperwork because you’re not sure what you need to hang on to? Check out the Chaos To Order Records Retention Document for a good list of what paperwork you should save and how long to save them.

Box it up: Once you determine which paperwork you need to keep, like finished projects, customer files, and yearly financial documents, put everything into Bankers Box boxes. Because they can be stored flat and are easy to assemble, it’s always good to keep these boxes on hand for any time you need to archive. Before filling up the box, always weed through documents, folders and binders and purge what you can, that way you can determine what size box is best.

Create Systems: How does the paper flow in your office? Do you have ample space to store and retrieve the documents you use frequently? Good filing systems are essential for optimal organization. If you aren’t good at keeping up with files in drawers, consider using a Literature Sorter to keep projects separated and off your desk to avoid looking cluttered.

Clear the Shelves: When was the last time you paid attention to the shelving in your office? When you’re in a space every day, you can lose track of how cluttered it can look. Spend some time clearing through the shelves, eliminate what you can and properly store the rest. Magazine Files are great for keeping the shelves in order. Keeping magazines and/or documents labeled by type on the shelves not only looks great, but it will also give you easy access. When storing magazines, set a number limit of what you will keep. For example, keep only the current 6 months of a subscription. Then, when the latest issue arrives, toss the oldest.

Taking the time to implement a few organizing strategies now will help you button up this year and look forward to an organized 2015!

Written by: Monica Friel, President and founder of: Chaos to Order

One Comment on “4 Ways to Get Papers In Order Before The Year Ends.

  1. A year or so back I purchased a “TAX DOCUMENTS” box from Office Max. It was made by Bankers Box. It was perfect for so many things I needed to store….not just tax info, but work related items, school documents and grading information… a co-worker of mine had a child who was seeing many different doctors on a monthly basis. She needed a way to keep up with information and results from each doctor. I gave her one of my “TAX DOCUMENTS” boxes and she said it made her life so much easier. Now I have discovered that you only made these ONE YEAR?!?!?! What’s up with THAT??? Of course, you’re going to have to give people time to find and use these boxes. They are a great storage system. PLEASE RECONSIDER. I HAD FINALLY FOUND THE PRODUCT I NEEDED! Now I don’t have it anymore….and you don’t even have a replacement! WHAT TO DO? TO YOUR COMPANY THINK TANK: Reconsider calling it a “document box” and show various uses (Tax, School info, Medical info, Employee Benefits info such as different insurance coverages). I know if you had it on the market and showed it’s various uses, it would sell. I particularly liked it because I didn’t tear up my cuticles searching for what I needed. It was packed neatly into each individual box, labeled, easily found and accessed. All I had to do was open the selected individual box and slide out the contents. This is much better than “fingering” through files and getting paper cuts and torn cuticles… not to mention, you only have to remove the box you need and it fits so easily back in its place when you are through with it. Due to its compact size, it was easy to maneuver and store and didn’t break your back with the weight of it. I certainly hope you’ll make these available again. Do you have the inside boxes (RM603040) available for individual purchase? If you made these in the right dimensions, I could buy them and use them in your standard boxes. This would be an alternative solution.


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